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Our aim at Skin Care Medical is to support your doctors in providing caring, accessible and efficient service for early detection...

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Overseas travel exposes people to various unfamiliar environments. Our goal at Travel Care Medical is to...

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Welcome to Jindalee Care Medical Practice

Our mission is to provide the highest standard of support to your doctors who can provide expert patient care, incorporating a HOLISTIC approach toward diagnosis and management of illness.


Your Doctors Offer Complete Family Health Care

The independent doctors consulting from the practice are committed to providing wellness and disease prevention to all patients. Our aim is to partner with your doctors so that in turn, they can work with you in maintaining your long-term health and wellbeing and to facilitate and coordinate your healthcare needs. We believe that good general practice begins with well-supported doctors.  Your doctors have the support they need to take the time to listen, to observe, and to examine their patients.

We are an AGPAL accredited practice which means we have met all the quality standards of an independent assessment body. We are a fully computerised practice with broadband access and adhere to prescribed guidelines to maintain data safety.

The independent doctors consulting from the practice are accepting new patients.

Our practice in the Western Suburbs of Brisbane, includes a Travel Clinic and Skin Clinic.  The doctors begin consulting from 8.00am on weekdays.

Travel Consultations!

At our specialised  travel clinic, Travel Care Medical, the independent doctors are highly knowledgeable about travel health medicine. The doctors are always up to date on the current risks, types of vaccinations that are required for specific locations and the legal requirements for travelling to each country. Our clinic is also a government approved Yellow Fever vaccination and Q Fever vaccination centre.

We have changed our online booking platform.  From the 1st  of November 2023, we will be using Hotdoc.

To book an appointment with your doctor online

You can use the Book Now button at the top of this page or download the Hotdoc app from the app store or Google Play.


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Complete family health care

Address: 2/6 Pavilions Close, Jindalee QLD 4074

Phone: 3715 7900

Fax: 3715 7922


Address: 2/6 Pavilions Close, Jindalee QLD 4074

Phone: 3715 6977

Opening Hours

Mon – Thurs 8.00am – 6.00pm

Friday 7:30am – 5.00pm

Saturday 8.00am – 12:30pm

Sunday / Public Holidays  Closed

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On-Site Pathology

We have a S&N Pathology centre on-site.