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Our aim at Skin Care Medical is to support your doctors so that they can provide caring, accessible and efficient service for early detection, diagnosis, treatment and management of skin cancer in the primary care setting. Your doctors provide comprehensive skin cancer treatment, from total body skin examination and diagnosis, through the curative surgical treatment.

Your doctors are also active in promoting skin cancer awareness and prevention.

Your doctors at Skin Care Medical perform skin cancer checks and treatment on a daily basis and have a special interest in the early detection of skin cancers. Our clinic also has specialised equipment especially designed for skin cancer detection that is available for use by your doctors. Digital dermoscopy or computerised dermoscopy is the use of computer technology further assisting the full skin check. Computerised dermoscopy allows images to be saved for future comparisons. On the overall, providing even more information to your doctor for even more accurate decision making.

Generally, your doctor consulting from Skin Care Medical are able to manage most skin cancer cases onsite.  For complex advanced skin cancers, your doctors will co-ordinate your care with specialist dermatologists and plastic surgeons that have a special interest in skin cancer treatment.

Skin Care Medical’s commitment to providing your doctors with the latest medically proven technology, your doctors providing outstanding clinical consultations, treatments and ongoing maintenance programs for their patients ensures the highest standards in clinical care.

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Skin Care Medical
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Address: 2/6 Pavilions Close, Jindalee QLD 4074

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Address: 2/6 Pavilions Close, Jindalee QLD 4074

Phone: 3715 6977

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